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Welcome To Parkside Gym

We are the home of CrossFit Earlsfield, based in the green open space of King George Park, between Wimbledon and Wandsworth. Park Side Gym offers members quality coaching, a complementary range of classes and a community focused environment. Our training programme is accessible to everyone and offers members a chance to progress in every single session. Just bring integrity and be prepared to work hard.

Our Classes

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personal training

Personal Training

Have a specific fitness goal, or want a personal introduction to CrossFit? Spending 1:1 time with one of our experienced coaches can give you that extra drive and knowledge to get there quicker.

Sports Massage

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Nutrition Bar

Need perking up for a session with a pre WOD coffee? How about a refuel with one of our delicious and nutritious post WOD shakes? We’ve got you covered, with excellent coffee and a range of nutritious smoothies.