Class Types

Our main class is CrossFit, which aims to develop all areas of fitness, from strength and cardio to balance and coordination. We also offer specialty classes to help develop skills and strength in more specific areas.

All our classes are designed and planned to be scaled down to suit all levels of ability, your effort brings the rewards.

Our Classes

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The complete fitness class. A different workout every day involving a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio, suitable for all ability levels.


Master your own body. Our Gymnastics class is designed to build gymnastics skills and strength through progressions. Learn everything from the fundamentals to higher skill movements in this class suitable for all ability levels.
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Build power, strength, speed and coordination. Our Olympic lift-based class is designed to develop these elements of your fitness. Technique and efficiency is prioritized over amount lifted.


Build your engine. Increase the power output you can sustain whilst improving efficience of movement. Expect low to moderate weights with bike, rower, ski and running intervals.
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Add yoga to your weekly CrossFit routine to aid recovery, increase mobility and reduce injury.

Our yoga classes are for everyone who wants the benefits of stretching and flexibility.



Based on our CrossFit class, a combination of strength and cardio with a focus on getting you moving well. Expect lower weights and less technical skill elements.

A great standalone fitness class that we also hope will get you hooked on CrossFit.

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personal training

Have a specific fitness goal, or want a personal introduction to CrossFit? Spending 1:1 time with one of our experienced coaches can give you that extra drive and knowledge to get there quicker.

Mum Fit

Mum Fit at Parkside Gym – is our latest class addition designed for new mums seeking a supportive local community of like-minded women. Classes will be specifically tailored to accommodate those keen to build the foundations of fitness. Feel empowered and educated through expert training techniques. And your baby can come too!