2 Week Daily Press-up Challenge

Accumulate 30 Reps in under 2 minutes.

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See video here or at bottom of the page.

Why Press-ups

Press-ups are a great way to improve upper body strength and contribute to creating stability for overhead pressing strength and pulling movements. They also help with burpees!

Coaching Points

  • Place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart  
  • Keep your legs straight and together with glutes and abs engaged
  • Maintaining a straight body, lower your chest towards the ground
  • Elbows stay over wrists and tight to the side of your body – elbows should not point away from your body
  • Your head should move forward as you lower, so that your chest touches the ground in line with your hands
  • Press the floor away until arms at full extension


  • Elevate upper body – place hands on a chair/ bench/ back of sofa  
  • Negatives reps with press from knees. Set-up as per above (on toes and hands), 3 seconds down, press upwards with knees down.


  • Add a resistance band – loop through one hand, pass over the top of your back and into the other hand.
  • Perform with a deficit, on DBs or a couple of books stacked up
  • Tempo, 3secs down and 3secs up

Performance notes  

Start at a height/difficulty where you can hit a minimum of 10 unbroken reps. Once you get to 15 unbroken drop your height (or move to the next progression).

Make sure you’re hitting each coaching point on all regressions and progressions.

Good luck


Coach Joey