2 Week Daily Overhead Squat Challenge

Accumulate 2 minutes in the bottom of an overhead squat.

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Why OHS Hold

The overhead squat is the king of mobility screening tools. Any limitations in your range of motion will be exposed in this movement, from ankles to hips, to thoracic and shoulders.

Holding this position correctly will also improve your position and mobility for all things relating to snatches. Whether you’re new to the movement or a seasoned pro, you’ll discover a lot about where you need to develop your position from this hold.   

OHS Hold – see video for demo 

Coaching Points

  • Grab a broom or PVC pipe
  • Feet shoulder width stance, pointed slightly outwards (11pm/ 1pm)  
  • With a wide overhead grip, actively press the bar away from your body (shoulders to ears). Maintained active position throughout the squat
  • Initiate squat by sending hips back and down, before bending knees
  • Knees pushing outwards, in line with toes
  • Aim for hips below knees whilst lumbar curve maintained
  • Overhead bar position tracks over middle of foot – hand position slightly behind head, show your armpits to the front of the room  
  • Keep chest tall, look straight ahead  


  • Reduce depth of squat. Hold lowest position where you can maintain the bar above head, inline with mid foot. Focus on sitting back into hips and pushing up on the bar

Performance notes  

Ideally perform this on a daily basis, accumulating 2 mins  

Aim for 10s holds initially – once achieved with perfect form, extend time  

Focus on quality of position over time held  

Video yourself or perform in front of a mirror to ensure you remain active both overhead and at the bottom of your squat.  

Good luck

Coach Harriet