Lunch Time IWT and Cardio Classes Added
(early morning and evenings coming soon)

Interval Weight Training (IWT)

Simply put, IWT is just another way of ‘organising’ a class. CrossFit is ‘constantly varied’ whereas IWT has a simple structure.

Like CrossFit, IWT is a combination of heavy lifting and cardio aimed at increasing your work capacity (grit, stamina).  IWT’s simple format and lack of highly technical movements allows for greater control of intensity: cardio is done all-out, but lifts are done for quality not time.

Where IWT is left short of CrossFit is the lack of more ‘technical’ elements which require the development of other components of fitness such as: flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

IWT includes three elements:

Strength/Power –  Compound lifts completed untimed, allowing an athlete to get sufficient reps to improve technique and strength.

The Conditioning Element – Pure cardio (row/bike/ski/run) not restricted by ability or skill. One to two minute steady-state conditioning blocks allows for efforts to be tracked through distances or outputs achieved.

Skill/Accessory  – ‘Finisher’ to work body weight/gymnastic movements.

Who might do IWT:

  • New to CrossFit and want to get moving and focus on some basic movements
  • Show pony who has all the skills and wants to develop some pure stamina and grit (work capacity)
  • Injured and have specific movement requirements
  • Simply want to mix it up
  • Had a hard day at work, and just want a simple workout, no tactics or complex scoring system


Simple tier-one conditioning, no weights, no technique just pure cardio.

Sessions are comprised of intervals on the ski/rower/bike or running, and designed to improve your overall work capacity, enabling you to work harder and stronger, whilst improving your ability to recover from extended work.


Park Side Gym Team

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