Anyone else losing track of which day it is whilst stuck in quarantine? 

Quarantine is likely to be around for the foreseeable future and we want to keep you all training. So, if you’re fit and well, but have to quarantine and can’t get to the gym, we’ve created a two week Home WOD program.

Each of the WODs includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Strength/Skill
  • WOD
  • Midline/Accessory

All you’ll need is either a DB or a KB which you can loan from the gym. It would also be good if you had your own skipping rope.

The program is devised to simply keep you moving. It’s suitable for all levels and intended to be completed 4 times a week (more

is not always better, remember).

If you’re a member then this will be included in your membership, for those on class packs there will be a charge of £50 for the kit loan and programming (your class pack will be paused).

Just let either George or myself know and we’ll send you the programming and arrange the kit.

See you back in the gym next week.