Our classes are designed and planned to be scaled down to suit all levels of ability. Your effort brings the rewards


Our complete fitness class. A different workout every day involving a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio, suitable for all ability levels.


Master your own body. This class is designed to build gymnastics skills and strength through progressions. Learn everything from the fundamentals to higher skill movements in this class suitable for all ability levels.


Build power, strength, speed and coordination. Our Olympic lift-based class is designed to develop these elements of your fitness. Technique and efficiency is prioritized over amount lifted.


Build your engine. Increase the power output you can sustain whilst improving efficiency of movement. Expect low to moderate weights with bike, rower, ski and running intervals.


Add yoga to your weekly CrossFit routine to aid recovery, increase mobility and reduce injury. Our yoga classes are for everyone who wants the benefits of stretching and flexibility.

Personal Training

Have a specific goal or need support in your training? Whether you want to improve your movement, nail a new skill, or just get some personalised advice, spending 1:1 time with a Coach can be invaluable.


Timetables, coaches and classes are subject to change at any time. Park Side Gym will endeavour to provide notice when a class is unable to take place for any reason.

Members are recommended to book in advance to ensure that a class has space for them. Members can book classes online up to 9 days in advance.

no show

If you fail to show up for a class you are booked into, you will be debited £5 for the class. You will have 24 hours to appeal this debit if you have a Membership. If you have purchased a Drop-In or a Class Pack and you fail to show up for a class you are booked into, you will lose your Drop-In or class token.


A member should cancel a class booking at least two hours in advance of the class to avoid being debited or losing their class Drop-in pass. For classes between 6am and 10am, members should cancel their booking by 10pm the night before the class to avoid being debited or losing their class token.

waiting lists

If a class is full a member can book onto a waiting list. An email will be sent confirming the Members place on the waiting list. When a space becomes available members will be automatically moved into the class and notified via email. Once on the waiting list Members are committing to attend and could be auto booked into the class up to 2 hour before the class start time. If you decide you can no longer attend please remove yourself from the waiting list as a strike will be applied in line with our class cancellation policy.

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