3, 2, 1……

For many, this one simple competition (it is a comp if you treat it this way) is the highlight of the CrossFit experience. It is simply a competition that is “OPEN” to all levels and abilities across the CrossFit spectrum.

Although the Open is used as a qualifying leg for top end athletes to start their journey to the “Games” (more on this another day) it is much more than a leaderboard. It’s a time to celebrate as a community the power of fitness. Fitness is not just your position on WODboard, fitness is the by-product of getting up day after day to move better with purpose, whilst being surrounded by friends (past, present and future) and coaches that want to support you to be the best version of yourself. The Open allows you to share that experience with not just 9-10 people but thousands on thousands!

On top of this, the Open allows you to understand the effort it takes to be top dog in CrossFit, as well as learn how to show empathy for those starting their journey but still paying the man and doing the workouts.

What is the CrossFit Open? – YouTube

The Open is for everyone!

I’ve had the privilege of being part of 6-8 opens (I’ve blocked out the painful ones I’m sure) and have experienced some lows but many more highs. For me the highs were always as s newbie to CrossFit or as a coach. The open allows us (coaches) to see you (members) reach new highs and blow away those limiting beliefs that sometimes surround you. I’ve seen people get their first muscle up, pull up or toes to bar in the open, which is huge skill for people to do when the pressure is on. I’ve also seen people do their first chest to floor burpee, or complete their first “no time cap” workout, regardless of how long it took. The sense of achievement by simply competing in the open is all the reward most of us in our lifetime will need from CrossFit.

What if I fall? Oh, but what if you fly?

I think the first part of the saying above is how most people look at the CrossFit Open, the fear of certain movements showing up, the intensity being too much, the fact they don’t qualify for the Quarterfinals of the Games……

However, the second part of the saying is what the Open is all about. It’s about firsts, it’s about being part of something bigger than yourself, it’s about getting on the bus and enjoying the ride.


Every workout that comes out will have an option to “scale” movements to something you can do. Last year they had their demo team with blue water bottles demoing the exercises to show how everyone could do it.

Remember how workouts are programmed, for the ELITE, and then scaled appropriately to meet everyone’s ability and goals. The same goes for the Open.

Lockdown will be a let down

Now, don’t get me wrong, nothing beats being in a sweaty “CrossFit box” for “Friday night lights” and “throwing down” with the people you’d die for. However, this year is different, and Zoom is the new nightclub! if it comes to it, we’ll be doing the Open from the front rooms of our houses but the CrossFit guys and gals know this. They have already prepared 3 workouts (yep, the open is just 3 workouts, even less scary right?!) that anyone can do regardless of kit or location. I’m thinking burpees, squats, lunges, press ups etc.

Regardless of our lockdown life we’ll still be able to get in and get it done.

Just remember, you can always do one more burpee.

Drabs (Coach Lee)