2 Week Hollow Hold Challenge    

Accumulate 2min in the Hollow Hold in as short a time as possible.

Tag @parksidegym on Instagram so we can see your progress (and form) and see who’s closest to that 2mins. Or DM us your videos for tips and advice.

Why Hollow hold? – Hollow holds help develop a strong and stable core, which we need for the majority of CrossFit movements. Not only is the position is directly transferable to kipping movements on the rig but you’ll also see improvement on the barbell too.

Hollow Hold – Click to see video for demo or scroll to bottom of the page!

Coaching points:

  • Lower back should be in full contact with the floor
  • Keeping your toes pointed and together, keep glutes and quads active  
  • Shoulders off the floor – think ribs to belly button 

Once in position, ensure for the duration of the hold you are active – imagine a coach pushing down on your feet, you should be so tense that your body rocks back and forth without any loss of form – if you lose that or at any point, our your shoulders or feet touch the floor, stop the timer, rest and resume. 


  • Arms over chest
  • Arms to side
  • Bring one or both legs to 90 deg at hip and knee  

Performance notes  

Ideally you would perform this on a daily basis, accumulating 2 mins.  
Aim for 10/15s holds in your chosen position initially. Once achieved with perfect form, extend the time held.

Focus on quality of position over time held – you could start with the regressed positions and move to the full body hold each time you perform the hold 

Good luck

Coach Harriet