2 Week Daily Shoulder Tap Challenge

Complete 3×10 Handstand Shoulder Taps

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Why Shoulder Taps

The wall facing handstand is a great tool to build body awareness and strength in a Handstand. It will help you focus on alignment and stacking your joints which will transfer over to a freestanding handstand holds (a skill everyone wants to achieve)

The shoulder taps will build balance and stability in the shoulder joint and single arm strength when shifting your weight from arm to arm.  This will have direct transfer over to a handstand walk. Other benefits include improved bone health, circulation, breathing and mood.

Shoulder Tap – see video for demo

Coaching Points

  • Start in the bottom of a push up position with feet against the wall 
  • Press up in a Hollow body glutes and abs engaged 
  • Take one big step up the wall and move your hands and feet simultaneously
  • Maintain hollow body throughout moving hands closer to the wall whilst feet walk up the wall  
  • Get to vertical position with joints stacked directly over each other. (Toes over hips over knees over shoulders over wrists) 
  • Shift your weight using your hips to load up one shoulder allowing you the lift your opposite hand from the floor and tap the standing arms shoulder.
  • Look at floor through your eyebrows 


  • Scale to pike position with feet raised on box or chair aim to get as close to 90 degrees with torso and legs before completing shoulder taps 
  • Scale to pike position with feet on the floor aiming to get torso as high over shoulders as possible before completing shoulder taps 

Performance notes  

Keep the movement and shoulder taps controlled throughout. Wider foot width will give more stability and control, perfect form is feet together and toes pointed. Keep elbows locked out and shoulders active (shoulders to ears).

Be safe move well and don’t go to absolute failure..

Enjoy getting comfy inverted!

Coach AJ