2 Week Active Squat Hold Challenge

Accumulate 2mins at the bottom of an active squat.

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Why hold at the bottom of a squat?

Holding this position correctly will improve your position and mobility for many barbell movements, but also transfers over for many CrossFit exercises such as air squats, wall balls and thrusters. More efficient movement will allow you to maintain higher output for longer, as well as reducing the risk of injury resulting from poor movement patterns.

Squat Hold – see video for demo

Coaching points:

  • Feet at shoulder width stance, pointing forwards (or with slight angle out) 
  • Hips move back, down and below parallel (below knees)
  • Knees tracking over toes 
  • Lumbar curve is maintained – spine remains in a neutral position  
  • Weight evenly distributed through feet
  • Chest stays tall, look straight ahead  
  • Maintain knee position by actively pushing knees out


Reduce the depth to deepest squat you can hold whilst maintaining the coaching points above. Think about sitting into hips.

Performance Notes  

Ideally perform this daily, accumulating 2 mins. Aim for 10/15s holds initially – once achieved with perfect form, extend time held.  

Focus on quality of position over time held.  

Whilst the squat is a natural movement, that we should all be able to do, some of us struggle and find the position uncomfortable. If this is you it may be best to warm up first with a few sets of air squats, gradually increasing depth whilst following the coaching points above.

Video yourself or perform in front of a mirror to ensure you remain in an active position at the bottom – you can ensure this by hitting the above coaching points.


Coach Alex